Canapé Parties


Deliver Dine's canapés are delicious, seasonal and flavoursome bite-sized creations which are freshly made from the highest quality produce. We draw inspiration from a wide variety of classical culinary styles and our innovative chefs are adept at creating delightful crowd-pleasing morsels.


Deliver Dine will help create a perfect, bespoke menu for your party. We will advise on the size and content of your menu, in relation to the logistics of the party (number of guests, venue and timings).

We can slo create specialist dietry canapés, including vegan and gluten free.


Our canapé service and presentation balances stylish detail with practicality. A venue party for a hundred guests needs a different approach to a private house party for twenty, a professional approch is essential so please get in touch and allow us to help.


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If you require Deliver Dine’s Canapé service please get in touch for a quote.