Dinner Parties


Enjoy your own dinner party for once without sitting down to eat exhausted from slaving over a hot stove. We specialise in providing luxury home-cooked dinner party courses delivered direct to your door, a superb range of dishes for special events to family meals.


We know how to throw a perfect dinner party and as such Deliver Dine will be ideal for your catering needs. Our menu offers sophistication and innovation and boasts flavours that will leave even those with the most educated palates impressed.


Deliver Dine can take over all your dinner party needs leaving you to focus on what matters – entertaining your guests. Delivered pre-prepared to your door, all you have to do is warm our dishes in the oven during the party prior to serving. It couldn’t be simpler and we will provide any special instructions needed.


Our specific meals can vary, but the options available are always seasonal and fresh, ensuring that guests are always impressed. Allow Deliver Dine to cater your dinner party for you and enjoy a stress free evening with those you care about. 

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If you require Deliver Dine’s Dinner Parties service please get in touch for a quote.